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Want a BIG Personality + BIGGER Bark? Get a Beagle!

puppy sophie sleeps

I thought I needed a dog that barked.
Bella is very quiet, having a herding gene that won’t quit. No matter, she looks quite lethal peering over window sills, silently staring at visitors.
Beagles were not at the top of my list but I relented to pressure from a certain sweetheart I live with.

Sophie came to live here last Saturday and it has been lively.
That might be putting all this mildly.
come to mind as apt adjectives.

You may be considering your own small bundle of holy terror busyness!
Don’t let my whining dissuade you.
My guess is there’s tons of them at rescues, given they are quite the handful of squirming canine!

puppy sophie sleeps
uh oh, she’s waking up. SHHHHHHH!
puppy sophie sleeps
seconds earlier… peace…

One Bella-paw holds Sophie firmly in place.
Thankfully Bella is as gentle as Sophie is ferocious!
I’ve had to step in to protect Bella from this mighty mini-canine.
She charges in then sprints beneath whatever convenient cover she can find.
That is almost anything right now.
There will come the inevitable head-bang!

sophie + bella
Bella + Sophie, 100£ vs 10£

Bella cannot possibly catch Sophie but she does have her ways….

Bella is very good at pinning her down by her little rat tail.
She’s had much practice as she loves to catch lizards, a favorite summer-time activity.
She never harms them and my grandkids love it!
She has perfected stomping the tails and, of course, they drop off.
We have many stub-tail lizards scurrying around here now.

She’s quite good at landing her huge, loving paw on top of that little beagle tail as it flies by.
I am sure you can imagine the shrill indignant howls as Sophie’s suddenly stopped short of her destination beneath the closest chair.
There’s a certain sense of justice in their “play”…

Tonight we found them bedded down together for the night.
Sophie was safely tucked into Bella’s neck, both of them snoring doggy dreams and happiness.


Bella talks with her eyes~Great Pyrenees Dog


  • Mary

    I understand, but oh how sweet, precious and fun!! Wish you get a photo of them sleeping together would be the best – the sheer difference in size is quite the scene.

    • ĽAdelaide

      I agree and did exaggerate just a tad for “effect”. Last night when I saw them I was so relieved to have her asleep, there was simply no way I was going to have my flash going off and waking the little beast up again. If you think it looks like quite a scene in this photo, you’d appreciate them romping around in real life…. in my living room, no less. 😉

  • Leya

    Oh, what a sweetie! Both of them are gorgeous, but I remember having a puppy…gets on your nerves sometimes. It’s good they are two I think. My experience is that they have fun together and don’t bother me all the time! I’d love a photo of those two sleeping togehter!

    • ĽAdelaide

      Hi Ann-Christine! Yes, Bella is particularly looking good as she went to the groomer for her spring trim last week. And she smells so much better too. 🙂 I hadn’t had just one dog in a long time and do feel they are better together. Excepting a mother and her daughter. That didn’t work out so well with collies when we bred them years ago. I will brave that photo when I don’t care if I wake her up from her 6 second nap for the 8th time!!

      Have a good weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Sophie is precious. Looks like Bella likes her. Enjoy them both. Dogs are super animals. I love them, all breeds.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Hi Silvia, It’s good to see you again. I’ve been missing you and haven’t seen a post in my reader from you lately, have I? I miss them now and then and think perhaps the readers don’t always work.

      I adore dogs while not liking cats much at all. Excepting the Siamese but no thank you. Got my hands full just now 😉


    • ĽAdelaide

      Thanks so much! For a pup so small, her utterances amaze already! I think she’ll be like 3 dogs to watch over things! At least I will know when I’ve got a visitor!

        • ĽAdelaide

          Yep, she’s a cutie! Sophie has more black on her and is teeny. I didn’t know they could be small or a little taller. She’s the small size but hope she gets up there a little bit more than 10″- at the shoulder i presume. Thanks for sharing her with me. 🙂

          • radiatingblossom

            Bella was very, very tiny at first…but is about 20 pounds now. She’s a lighter color and I’ve been told she is called a “lemon Beagle” due to the lighter color. Have fun with your new puppy!

            • ĽAdelaide

              I am just now at 4pm getting to my computer and answering my comments. She is keeping all 3 adults in this house quite busy. Of course we have to be loving on Bella lots too. She’s a little needy at times right now. I didn’t know what a “lemon” color was. Sophie is growing fast and is getting fatter while not really taller. 🙂

              Maybe it just runs in the family!!! 😉

    • ĽAdelaide

      Oh my goodness, she sure is… she’s my daughter’s dog so she bears the brunt of the work but she’s a handful for everyone. it didn’t help i threw out my back the day before we were to bring her home. i haven’t been as hands on as i had planned. the two of them together is just funny. luckily bella the big is a gentle giant… xo

  • Mel

    Forgive me for being amused at the scenes you painted. I found it very entertaining (‘specially since it ain’t ME getting to deal in the noise and puppy-ness! hahaha). How can you not laugh at the sheer sight of the size difference–goodness, small wonder the pup’s yelping at the gentle giant trodding on her tail. (gotta love Bella for trying to figure out why it is the darn thing doesn’t drop off)
    Like you–NO CATS….omg….I am soooooo not a cat lover, which (of course) makes them automatically attracted to ME, darn things… But I do adore other peoples’ puppy’s, no matter the size or age. Himself’s allergies have escalated to the point of not being allowed in households that have furry friends, which sorta seals the idea of a furry friend in this house–so I’ll enjoy your chaotic, noisy, LOUD puppy filled moments and count ’em as good to go. UNLESS, of course, we can find and fall in love with a rescue labradoodle like Lucy Puppy up the road–yeahyeah…..he still starts wheezing and gets itchy after she visits us on the patio. *sigh* A gal can dream…….

    • ĽAdelaide

      Mel, I wish I could just drag you over for a day! What an eye-opener! What would be really fun would be to have you and he-who over!! heeheheheheeeteehee… 😉 the farmer is allergic, severely, to cats. But not to dogs as long as the dust and hair doesn’t pile up like it is RIGHT NOW!!! I have allergic reactions to it too, especially if the vacuum hasn’t been used in a while.

      Today we discovered BOTH fleas and ticks have become active. That might sound so creepy to you but to me, it’s normal. The weather is so perfect, the ticks are probably all sun-bathing and swimming in the puddles, splashing gleefully!! Out comes the drops for fleas and ticks. Even picked one out of bella in the usual place. Her eyebrows!! Not kidding…. ticks have this weird thing where they will almost always end up on the same place on the body….. one nice thing about the brows–they like farmer’s bushy brows too 😉 — it’s easy to see them! HAHAHAH…. am i losing my mind? well, not yet…… hmmmmmm…..

      I do NOT like cats. They bug me the way they are so unresponsive! ;0 I like things to pay attention to me, i guess. Forget that with cats.

      About the doodles, watch out on the breeder. [can be hard to know with rescues but a vet can check them over for the usual basket-full of abnormalities] You couldn’t pick a better breed for being sweet as long as you don’t mind the digging in the garden, etc. But some of the backyard breeders have messed up and weakened the dogs. Inbreeding is the worst problem BUT if you can find one in a rescue, have it checked out for displasia, eyes, etc–things that affect labs and poodles and it comes out clean or reasonably so, you couldn’t pick a nicer dog. Maybe you can convince “he-who” to “think” himself into loving one. I have never NOT had at least one dog in my life so cannot imagine life without one. Woman’s best friend, you know.

      want some extra photos?? i have lots of “baby” pics piling up. 😀

      • Mel

        Dreaming about the doodle, though Lucy is one of the nicest, most polite puppy’s around. But her humans are built from the same cloth, so I guess dogs emulating their humans ( or vice versa) is true!! (oohhh…puppy photos by the hundreds…how could ya do less!! Feel free to share…who could tire of that cuteness!!)
        Ohhh…Dearheart…tics and fleas thrive on farm critters of any kind…so get out the drops and celebrate that you’ve got puddles, I say!!
        We have a few from the sun melting bits of snow…makes for mini skating rinks around here….something I have NO love for at all. LOL…but spring is coming!! Maybe after tomorrow’s snow storm!! :-/

        • ĽAdelaide

          Maybe after ANOTHER SNOW STORM?! OMG, I don’t know how anyone stands that and it’s so far outside of my experience so cAnot even begin to relate. I keep hearing there’s more and oh, there’s more and oh guess what? Here’s some more! It’s really amazing! And be careful on those rinks! Yikes!

          I’m going to be off for a couple of days with my son whose visiting. I might get a draft posted if I’m lucky, I’ve been really fried and busy and spent half the day today with a neurologist. Fun stuff as always. Take care, dear Mel. xox

  • gfid

    Sophie is so lovely! Yes, beagles are pretty high energy, even as adults multiply a hundredfold for puppiness :0) and, that hunting dog voice is indeed bred to carry long distances. there’ll be no secret visitors to your house! She’s a lucky girl to find a home with you and gentle Bella….. who looks most elegant all brushed and shampooed. which reminds me that my Maestro badly needs a bath and a brush-out. perhaps later today. may the gods of spring smile on all of you.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Hello sweet gfid…. i miss you and wish you were blogging more often. ah well, life does happen to some of us i guess. i’m not actually doing much in life these days, unlike you. I have no idea how you do all you do!!

      Sophie isn’t making lots of hoots and hollers yet and once in awhile, one sort of pops out of her and she’s as surprised as we are!! I am happy to have a good watch dog. Living up here without a dog that barks is sometimes sketchy. I think she’ll be perfectly loud enough. Almost couldn’t be TOO loud for me as long as she’s not just barking at the wind…. hmmmm, we’ll hope for the best!

      Bella is looking pretty fine in these photos but had been to the groomer for her spring puppy cut and a bath. Oy, before that, what a stinky girl. 😉

      may the gods of spring smile upon you too up there in the wild north!!! I am sending you sunbeams as I type. xox

  • greenlightlady

    Linda, Bella and Sophie both have such beautiful eyes and adorable faces. I can understand wanting a dog that let’s you know when someone is at the door etc. My little guy just looks up from where he is sitting and doesn’t make a peep when someone opens our gate or knocks on the door. If I miss the cue I’m out of luck.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • ĽAdelaide

      Hi Wendy,
      I see you understand the needs of having a good watch dog. Bella is very intimidating if you don’t know her as she’s very aloof to positively threatening to a few. However she rarely barks. If she does, she sounds like a wild animal with a menacing low bark that is more of a growl of a bear-or what i imagine a bear sounds like. I was amazed at the sound when she did it the first time. As she gets older-2 is still a pup for her breed-she seems to be finding her bark once in awhile now but not at the UPS truck or general types of everyday things that come up. Our home is very open thus walking by the front door is more like a full size window on the world. Very embarrassing to find a delivery man standing there. For BOTH of us! Maybe you need a beagle too!! 🙂

  • susancrow

    As Charles Shulz said, ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’.

    It’s cool Bella and Sophie are already getting along so well. They’re both very lovely.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Thanks sweetie, they are both doing very well and already sophie is going to the door when she has to do her duty, rather amazing for a 9 week old puppy! I’ll be back in a couple of days, our son is stopping off on his way to Florida. Just to explain if I’m not around for a couple more days. xox

    • ĽAdelaide

      Yes, especially the mini MEMEME… you get the idea… Sigh, and trying to potty train when it’s pouring and blowing 59mph doesn’t help the combined efforts of 3 big humans! Ah well, this too shall pass, right? 😉

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