• deer in the courtyard watercolor-countrywomanpaints©

    Fawn at My Backdoor

    I was distracted and irritated. BUSY. Struggling with the fruitless task of forcing a long desk to fit into the mud room at the foot of the stairs leading up to my studio. Frustrated and…

  • Beagle Sophie is Wiley

    Beagle Investigates Caftan

    Sophie thought perhaps I was hiding something interesting under there somewhere but.... It seemed just a little out of the ordinary. However... Never underestimate the curious nature of a beagle. Sophie will always follow her…

  • barn roof lost

    Meet the Cow Inseminator ~

    A very long time ago, in a land far far away, Linda, a beautiful blond city girl who cares too much about fashion and really doesn't know what she's getting into, marries a lucky cattle…

  • hummingbird babies in nest

    Moving House

    Yes, I collect these little gems. Most I keep and put back out in spring. Yesterday I found one in the garage on top of the garage door opener! Talk about disturbing the peace!