van gogh sunflowers
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Sunflower Faces Burnished Gold


Who doesn’t love sunflowers?

Is it a love born in our youth as we pondered their giant presence looming over a backyard fence or as we dug those buried seed pods out of bed…
They are one of the best of summer yet perhaps old-fashioned to some who don’t remember sun bonnets or rope swings that dropped into a creek that ran with crawdads and minnows.

To me they will always be special for making a summer sky bluer by their bobbing heads upward turned.

Dream Work by Mary Oliver

Come with me into the field of sunflowers.
Their faces are burnished disks,
their dry spines creak like ship masts,
their green leaves, so heavy and many,
fill all day with the sticky sugars of the sun.

Come with me to visit the sunflowers.
They are shy but want to be friends;
they have wonderful stories of when they were young~
The important weather, the wandering crows.
Don’t be afraid to ask them questions!

Their bright faces which follow the sun, will listen,
and all those rows of seeds,
each one a new life,
hope for a deeper acquaintance;

Each of them, though it stands in a crown of many,
like a separate universe is lonely,
the long work of turning their lives into a celebration
is not easy.

Come and let us talk with those modest faces,
the simple garments of leaves,
the coarse roots in the earth
so uprightly burning.

van gogh sunflowers
12 Sunflowers by van Gogh


  • First Night Design

    Gorgeous. Nearly bought some from the supermarket the other day but I haven’t unpacked any vases yet! Can’t remember if I’ve told you that I’ve left my other half in Crete and bought and have just moved into an 18th century cottage on the Isle of Wight, south of mainland UK.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Oh no, my dear, i didn’t know you had gone on your way and moved to what sounds like a divine place. I do hope this was something you wanted and not a heart-breaking situation. I apologize but i cannot be online nearly as much as i’d like due to pain issues thus had no idea. i’m sure you understand…. sadly enough.

      i would just love to see some photos of your abode there!

      take care of you.xx

      • First Night Design

        It was my decision but it has been heartbreaking. Where I am is delightful and I’m so happy to be here. More photos will be forthcoming. Sending hugs for your pain and I do understand. xx

  • Clanmother

    I love sunflowers!! I have been waiting all year to see their lovely faces turn towards the sun. Lovely! Thank you for sharing Mary Oliver’s poetry…

  • Joss

    I am not sure if my love of them grew from my love of Vincent or if that fact that he loved them so, is why I fell in love with him. I was happy to see they grow here in Ecuador as well and look forward to having some in my garden space.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Perhaps a bit of both, no? Yes I forget the exact number of sunflower paintings he did. a wee bit compulsive but in such a brilliant way.

      i never plant them now as the birds adore them here and the blackbirds would be all over the place digging them up. and the quail, the crows and ravens, the woodpeckers and jays, that list is literally endless! and let us not forget the rodents… oy.

      i cannot wait that you are going to have these lovely flowers soon in your garden. xo

  • susancrow

    A couple of years ago I planted dozens of sunflower seeds along all the paths we walk at the park. Not one grew. I think the creatures that love them were too eager to wait.

    Do you remember that one of vanGogh’s Sunflower paintings was purchased by a wealthy company in the far east? Unfortunately, they hung it over a heat register for a few years and didn’t notice the damage until it was nearly too late.


    • ĽAdelaide

      I always lose mine to the birds and mice. Can’t blame them 😉 but it’s nice of you to share. Maybe the ground is too alkaline there?

      I hadn’t read about the sad story of Vincent’s sunflowers but what an obvious boo boo! Ah well…. Hoping late summer is still lovely in your neck of the party 😘

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