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    Hello! Rockin’ the Purple sent me over, after a conversation she and I had about synesthesia – which reminded me that my sister had only recently realised she has it and led to me pestering her via text for an hour for details. Sis assigns colours to words, but not numbers. I forgot to ask if letters have colours! Heh, well you can tell I’m fascinated as I don’t have it and it seems like a super-power (although when it comes to brown, I certainly feel for you). Sis is also an artist and I’d love to know if studies have been done on the relationship between synesthesia and creativity!

    And I do love your work, another super-power 🙂

    • linda adelaide

      I look forward to visiting your site. I do know lots about it, having just in this past year or two or five realized i was “different” this way TOO! Lucky me!! 🙂

      Ask away, I am open to have any dialogue with anyone about it and would like to spread the word, especially regarding children. Please read my piece on it. You’ll find it at the top above the header or in the footer labeled, fittingly enough, “Synesthesia-Color Piggy (updated 1/25) . That will give you a little about my own form. As I study however, I am realizing there is so much more, like tactile/emotional synesthesia, something many young kids suffer from. Imagine having this… you have an emotional response, probably inappropriate, to a touch, a towel, a hand, a hug. My grandson, who IS definitely no doubts, synesthetic, also seems to have had some form of this variation.

      IT seems endless the variations but then again, it is our brain, something so incredibly misunderstood, we might as well live on Mars! Wow, how’s that for an impassioned reply? 🙂

  • heretherebespiders

    Brains are the final frontier! It’s hard for me to try to look backward and find anything that matches up, boo. We asked our dad and he said he hasn’t a sign of it, and unfortunately our mom is passed and we can’t ask her. Sis found out about it via a BBC documentary, I would have loved to have been there to see the dawning realisation on her face. I did send her a link to your blog – I think my curiosity may have sparked a desire to learn more, especially as she does have a 2.5 year old.

    My best friend isn’t sure if this is synesthesia or not: she assigns a grouping of colours, smells, foods, and images to those she is close to. So my name is Crayola yellow-orange to my sister, but to my friend the entirety of me is emerald green. And I probably smell of Lipton chicken noodle soup as she sends it to me in care packages! I’m off to read your piece now, thank you!

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