“nothing is more beautiful than love”

nude old couple splashing in waves


  • miche123

    Great picture, at least they look happy together. I changed mine to paid so I could display my own adds! And I have full control over everything. I did not know you could only see them from another computer. All this time I thought mine just wasn’t busy enough.

    • linda adelaide

      hi miche and thanks for the words of advice…interesting you are running your own ads. i didn’t know you could do that but i don’t have anything to sell anyway. 🙂

      i like the photo too, it’s sweet and sort of “unusual” as they are quite elderly. makes me smile ….. and i’m wondering what ads will turn up because of it. so i can complain if it’s not clean like WP likes it. haha, as if…..

      and your’s is busy i’m sure, but you just aren’t seeing it? i am not sure if they are yours paid for with the wordads or whatever they are calling that new service. you’d think you would know about it all… who knows, i sure don’t!!


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