hummingbird babies in nest
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Moving House

bird nest
Mop-string nest
bird house bouquet
Nest in blue bird box


Robin’s nest & babes

Yes, I collect these little gems.
Most I keep and put back out in spring. Yesterday I found one in the garage on top of the garage door opener! Talk about disturbing the peace!
I find many in the garden.
This year I found many in my shrub roses once we got a storm and the leaves blew away.
A couple have been online before, like those baby robins up there.

There is something remarkable about bird nests.
If you look at the first photo at the top, you will notice that it is mostly made of string. The string is from an old string mop the birds found and tore to pieces.
I had no idea why til I found this little home a few months ago.

I’ve seen many strange things woven into nests, horse hair and animal fur as well as some very beautiful decorations. Flowers, leaves and even butterfly wings woven into these little abodes.

Nature never ceases to amaze!
blue bird babes

 Contained in this short Life

Are magical extents…

~Emily Dickinson


  • Anita C. Miller

    Beautiful shots! I love the nests and feel the same as you about them. I have one in a bush/tree outside my front window. It was a cardinal’s nest right by our front door! It now has about 6 inches of snow in it.

  • susancrow

    Living in apartments has never been the best place for viewing wildlife, but we’ve been lucky with a few places. The hummingbird garden was the very best even though we were never sure which ones were babies – our guess was it was the ones who tolerated each other. In our current place we aren’t allowed bird feeders because the management deplores pigeons (I can’t say I blame them). Nevertheless, we go to the park to feed our friends there; I even crush peanuts that I keep separately so we can leave them in places where we’ve seen chickadees flocking.

    Your bird nest pictures are very beautiful and the baby bluebirds look so sweet I had to share the picture with Jer. He was most impressed too.

    Much love and hopes for more rain, my dear.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Yes, I agree about pigeons! Hummers are always a treat, no? I would do the very same thing at the park! How fun to watch the critters go nuts for those. And I have the fattest mama blues right now! Already have eggs laid, little devils. More rain for the weekend!! Our dam is filled too! YAY for all that.


  • doronart

    I read the title and wonder what she is up to… OK got the message it is only the community moving.. beautiful born free.. Have a good weekend and happy Valentines day xxx

  • Mel

    Oh mannnn….you get bluebirds!! They’re so cool to watch when they’re raising a family. We have too much traffic and noise (mostly ME while I talk with the wildlife…LOL) but just down the road there’s nesting boxes. I could watch ’em flittering around all day.
    Great photos! I bought himself a holder with colorful nesting materials for the noisy wren he’s hoping will take up house in the wren house. I’d be pleased if a robin used it….SOON. *sigh* 4.5″ yesterday, 3.5″ on Saturday….and that’s added to the 4″ here and 3″ there that we’ve done six weekends in a row.
    Bring on the robins!!!

    • ĽAdelaide

      teehee…. we have SO MANY crazy little blues this year, they need to cut it out, they’re maybe OVER-populating the place. Seems they are at home here now. It’s nice since, when we moved up here, there were none. I started hanging boxes and fed for a few years-worms-ugh-and now, they go from feb thru november with clutch after clutch. i knew they had a few but really…. ahem.

      i hope you get your robins. we’ve got some fat ones this year so far. have no idea what they’ve been eating. acorns?

      and please let the snowing stop… i’d go nuts with all that white! AND cold! xox

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