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Keep Calm ~ Love a Beagle

beagles-keep calm and love beagles

My sweet daughter decided.
It was time she get her long~awaited puppy.
She lost her first baby 4 years ago. Finally her heart was ready to love again.
If you’re an animal person, you understand.

She wasn’t sure about what or why. These things always work themselves out.

Somehow beagle pups became available close by and we went to take a peek.


That’s really all it takes with beagle babies!

Do you see what I mean?
beagle baby

Sophie comes home on Valentine’s Day, a pure coincidence.
(if you believe in coincidences. I don’t…)

She is the cutest little bundle of fur I think I’ve ever snuggled.
Beagle-puppyI can’t wait to introduce her to Bella! Bella needs a friend to play with too.

And finally a dog I KNOW will bark, howl and let me know everything I ever thought I needed to know.

And then some…


Bella the Great Pyrenees


  • Mel

    OMG….Look at that cute little face!! K…I know that’ll change into an ‘egads that’s a noisy little booger’ cuz BOY can they make noise. But OMG….what an adorable little face.
    Yup, if the daughter is ready, then it’s time. It’s been 12 years since I lost a little cocker spaniel….nope, never doing that again. Might consider another grass snake though. *laughing* I’m seriously weird.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Yes you are, my dear. 😉 but such a cutie is a baby beagle and I’m not responsible AT ALL! ;). And I need a little fart that makes noise. Big Bella may be huge but seriously, she never makes a sound! xxxx

  • First Night Design

    They really are wo/man’s best friend. I didn’t know that until 5 years ago having had a longstanding fear of them from childhood, even though we had one then. Now, I can’t live without ours.

  • susancrow

    Reading that your daughter was ready to love another puppy is wonderful news and Sophie is entirely sweet and precious. I hope you’ll all be very happy together (and that you have lots of newspaper for the inevitable).

    I’ve only ever had two dogs – my dachsund Liebchen who died when I was 18 and Garth Cold Nose Strong Heart who was a great friend and companion for most of 20 years. I’d love to have another, but for two reasons it’s not practical – one is finding an apartment that allows them and two is having to go walkies late at night in freezing cold carrying a baggie.

    I spotted that bit about the mare too. Now that would be very nice for you.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Peepee pads since we have no newspapers anymore! 😉 As i said tonight earlier, everyone needs a dog and there are so many needing rescuing but then again, one needs a place to keep them! I do love that name for garth. haha, what a wonderful name!and 20 years is such a nice long stint with a companion! we got almost 18 from our first collie years ago, 16 or so from Belle. nothing worse than losing them too soon. oy…

      ah yes, ginger is her name…. my hair person, needs surgery and has 3 horses, all of whom need HER! i swear she treats them like dogs but anyway…. she’s looking for a home for her mare, she’s her oldest and was thinking of putting her with a camp for autistic kids too. i told her there’s always here if she decides… if ever. 😉


  • George Weaver

    What a face! Who could resist those eyes! She’s a real beauty. And, so is sweet Bella. They’ll be fast friends as soon as Bella calms the puppy! I love this post. Just beautiful! 🙂

    • ĽAdelaide

      I am very excited. She comes home on Saturday morning and we are all set up with a bright pink blankie, bed, bumper, puppy mats, food and on and on. She is already named Sophie after the winter solstice as that was her birthday! 😉 My daughter is in charge as you might imagine… I am very happy for her and to see her joy in this new baby. She has had a difficult decade on the planet. It’s time for a change and sometimes change comes in small packages, no? 🙂

    • ĽAdelaide

      Well, we couldn’t and she really is a doll, for all my droll blogging to the contrary(sort of anyway…) In fact, there are fewer puppies I’ve seen as cute as a batch of beagle pups! But she does have a very big little mouth and a bigger heart, i’m sure of that! And she has freckles all over her stumpy little bow-legged legs. If you see the current photos of her, you might be able to make them out. Nobody can help but grin. Awww, yes, she is a cutie! 😉

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