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Fawn at My Backdoor

fawn at backdoor - countrywomanpaints©
A furry surprise visitor at my backdoor

I was distracted and irritated.
Struggling with the fruitless task of forcing a too-ong desk to fit into the mud room at the foot of the stairs leading up to my studio.

Frustrated and tired, I glanced outside to the fields beyond.

There lay sleeping a not-so-little fawn right outside the backdoor.

Given all the noise I’d been making, I was shocked, not only to see him but to see him sleeping!
Obviously he was used to the cacophony from within!

mudroom peek-countrywomanpaints©
Just a peek…

We  have finally wallpapered the mudroom(to explain the photo!)  It’s only been a decade preparing to do it!
I plan to post about it {I am aware of this pattern…} but for now, I wanted to share a peek with you since it was just outside the newly painted red door. And that red is a color I adore!

In such sweet repose was this baby buck compared to the sweating human just beyond who’d almost had a{nother} heart attack at the sight of the unexpected creature!

I believe there’s a message here somewhere…. What do you think?

fawn sleeping at backdoor step- countrywomanpaints©

I broke a speed record running for my missing camera, realizing I’d have to search high and low for it.
Quickly search high and low for it!

I found it and raced back, prepared to find he’d vanished!

fawn awake at my backdoor- countrywomanpaints©
He’s quite enjoying his new sleeping arrangement

Aren’t those the cutest little furred antlers on him?

He had determined it was much nicer NOT running off. Shade, grass, relative peace…
“Mom said so…”

fawn at my back door- countrywomanpaints©
Wake up time…

He decided to go back to sleep for another hour as I continued to putter around right next to him, on the other side of the door.

fawn at my back door
Back to his dreaming

After napping here for a few more days, he moved up to the barn, where he proceeded to give farmer a heart attack too. Unsuspecting he had entered the darkened barn-5:30 AM-when suddenly there was a commotion and a sudden whoosh as he bolted out the door going in the opposite direction.

We finally got used to him popping up in strange places. Under the pickup, behind tires, underneath bushes and trees along with dogs, trees, piles of lumber and pallets, bales of hay, behind and amongst the water factory.

You get the idea.

fawn saying hello
Hello, fawn at my backdoor. Where’s your mom?

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.
Pablo Picasso

deer in the courtyard watercolor-countrywomanpaints©


  • Mary

    What an awesome surprise – obviously this little guy loved being around you, feeling no sense of danger. Love your new wall paper and red door – they suit you and this nice nook of a space perfectly. Lovely watercolor – a quiet – soft scene. Can’t get over how your new friend just adopted the place as its own.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Yes, he wasn’t afraid. He’s actually sleeping beneath the bedroom window of my daughter as well. Sophie lives within however even her squeaks and howls didn’t deter her! 😉

      I am not sure but suspect perhaps this is genetically passed on from one to the next as we’ve had this going on since we built the place in 2004. They are more gutsy now however since they’ve come to realize, evidently, that our canine companions are complete woosi. (a new word!! 🙂

      Not that i’d really have it any other way, just a bark now and then at the unexpected human is what is needed however I might as well give up on that. I think this has gone on for way too long to expect anything but wagging tails for the biscuits the UPS driver insists on giving them every delivery, that is several times a week.

      much love to you, mary! xox

      • Mary

        So funny about your watch dog, but this little guy seems that he’s a love of your life! Perhaps he thinks the fawn is there as his playmate – wouldn’t that make for a great picture.

        Have a wonderful day!

        • ĽAdelaide

          She’s a love, a dear little terror of a mini-mighty beagle. I never had a hound before and she’s so different from my aloof and loving yeti of a Pyr, Bella! It’s fun, busy, doggy and smelly but can’t beat it for the grins! And giggles even more… 😀

  • Crowing Crone

    how absolutely delightful. I love that he knows yours is a safe place for him. I always feel blessed when I spot a deer and would likely dissolve into a puddle of tears should one be sleeping outside my door.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Ah Joss, we are overrun with them…that is sad as it is then they need to be culled a little bit, something I detest. However he is likely coming in so close just for that reason. The young bucks are driven from the herd about this age and must form their own harem. He seems too young and it makes me wonder if it’s because there are so many young bucks within the harem, they are being driven away at a younger age.

      The wildlife here is to be managed as are the domesticated ones. I am hoping to be proven wrong and he has since wandered off in search of others like himself. I think I am seeing him now down in the meadow beyond the house with some others youngsters. Keeping my fingers crossed all is well. Ah, life in the country… it might seem idyllic but can be anything but! There’s so many turkeys, I think they could wage war for grass with the deer and WIN! 😀

  • Hariod Brawn

    This sounds like a rather magical experience – how blessed you were to have been visited in this way. I recall for myself a few similar encounters with wildlife that remain burnt into memory as such tender thoughts.

    With gratitude and respect, Hariod Brawn.

    • ĽAdelaide

      It is always strangely mesmerizing to witness the unexpected wildlife right at one’s feet. It happens to me often here, always stuns me for a moment or creates an instant fight or flight response, of course depending upon what type of wildlife we are in the midst of.

      He is a gentle soul… so sweet and quiet… i hope all is well with him as he’s gone onto greener pastures lately. As I said above, I hope he has joined in with some other young bucks I’m seeing grazing the meadow. Thank you for your kindness, Hariod. xox

      • Hariod Brawn

        ‘. . . unexpected wildlife right at one’s feet.’

        I remember once sitting on a stile when a baby fox wandered out of some nearby gorse and walked towards me. When it got to within 3 or 4 feet of the stile it suddenly realised there was some big animal perched upon it. It’s reaction was to stop in its tracks, slump down onto its bum and scratch its chin whilst it looked at me and wondered what next to do. She/he stayed with me for perhaps a minute, then thought better of it than to continue its journey by walking beneath me, so returned from where it came.

        I hope that the ‘gentle soul’ that is your friend the fawn has a good life.

        Here’s to your health and creativity – the work is sublime.

        • ĽAdelaide

          Good Eve, Hariod,
          Yes I too hope he remains happy and well tho I am a bit concerned at the many deer we have in the fields. I do not want to have to make a decision to cull them but they may reach a point where they will not have enough to eat and/or be the meal of the mountain lions. It is a delicate balance, almost a dance, to live and care for our land as we do.

          I am glad you also enjoy my work. You are too kind…

          • Hariod Brawn

            Yes, I understand the dilemma from reading other comments; though thank you for taking the trouble to respond. all best wishes, Hariod.

    • ĽAdelaide

      I think my little buck is now liking the dark and quiet barn above the house a little more. It is also a bit hotter now here. Well, it’s actually unpleasantly hot but I suppose it’s right on time with the 4th. Fire danger time in these parts… Hoping you are doing well, my friend. Peace to you as well. xxx

    • ĽAdelaide

      Thank you for your kind comments, Tony. Yes, it did feel that way…. it is seldom to have something so sweet yet primal cross my path so surprisingly. xx

  • Jane Brewer

    What a beautiful creature. How nice to see him at your door this way. But now you need chickens because it’s him that has the ticks, teehee.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Jane dear,
      Yes, you are TOO right about the ticks. However it seems that rodents, like the vast numbers of field mice, are much worse. Even lizards and birds are carriers for the little creatures. I detest them with the Lyme cluster in which I live. Every tick goes to the Farm adviser for testing since I am always getting bit! They adore me for some reason…. no more chanel #5!

      Please write my husband about our need for chickens. He knows it but hates the idea of MORE to take care of. I need a neighborhood kid but there’s no hood to glean one from…. ah well, i’m still determined. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I wish my grandkids lived closer! xxx and take good care of yours. I still haven’t been back to your post but will get there tonight or tomorrow. xox

      • Jane Brewer

        Dear Adelaide,
        You DO need chicekns! They will gobble up the weeds, eat all the nasty bugs and give you wonderful manure. They don’t take much looking after, just let them out in the morning and they put themselves to bed. Although you probably have lots more predators than we do and thats a problem. I haven’t been bitten by a tick yet, but the cats always have them and I have shaken them out of my clothes. Yesterday I got bitten by something that hurt so bad for three minutes I thought I would die. I really dont know what that was..a little bug with red wings. Different bugs in Portugal to the UK and I am just getting used to them!

        • ĽAdelaide

          Would you care to speak with my hubbie? He’s really dragging his foot, both of them, on getting them. Yes, i think we’d have to put them to bed at night til we trained Bella to do it. I hear they’re very good at herding chickens. Ticks…. i detest them and have been bitten but lucked out that the tick wasn’t infected with anything that makes humans sick. they are so gross… that’s been my tact, the ticks, they LOVE eating ticks. in fact, guineas are the best tick eater hunters of all, quail are also very good but not as prevalent.

          portugal would likely have more bees and wasps and that’s what it sounds happened to you… OUCH! usually it’s the tiny ones that sting the sharpest. 🙁

          mud works wonders btw… just slap good wet mud on a fresh sting and it will take it away like magic… xox

  • susancrow

    When you mentioned meaning I couldn’t help but remember the Buddha’s first teaching in the deer park set in motion The Wheel of the Dharma. I bet you thought of that too.

    He’s a lovely boy, your fawn, and obviously most trusting of you and your family – wow, including the dogs. What a wonderful blessing, my sweet friend.

    • ĽAdelaide

      I did think of deer park when seeing him but immediately i also wondered about his mother and /or the other bucks he really should be with. Or was he sick, injured. At first I thought he was but he was fine. just stiff from sleeping half the morning away. 🙂

      The wildlife is one of the blessings of this place. I can spend hours sitting on the lawn looking out over the meadow, the oaks, the grasses and all the creatures that make their business living here. It’s endlessly contemplative for me and also very good for me to calm myself down. A healing place. I wish it wasn’t becoming so hard to take care of, it’s much too much garden and land to manage without more help but that means more outgoing money and we don’t have it. We are using a man who works for us in the vineyard who is a landscaper by what I can see of his careful weeding and work. I am happy to be able to use him occasionally.

      Thank you, sweet Susan. It is you that is such a wonderful blessing in my life! Much peace and love to you. ♡

  • doronart

    I told you you are very trusted woman even in the beautiful animal kingdom.. It must have an idea you are decoreting a room in red and he thought it might be vacant.. great friendship and super to see you running around even if it is for a Camera!! take care my dear friend xXx

  • Leya

    I love your watercolours and I love animals. This visitor of yours is a delightful one(…with ticks). We have these graaceful animals in our little village too. They visit our gardens and I see them quite often. But never have I had a little one feeling safe enough to sleep by my door. You are magical.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Your kindness always radiates such warmth and friendship. I’ve missed you lately. Hoping all is well up there in your part of the world. Blessings to you~ ❀

  • Mel

    Red door!! I soooo want a red door. And not just any red, but that earthy red–sorta barn red but a bit deeper? Ohhhhhhh…..and pretty wallpaper! But I’m ALL about the door.

    And the deer is a cutie. I’da wondered a bit about how it was that he wasn’t disturbed. But I rather like the thought that he knew he’d found a ‘safe haven’ and a loving soul so he could rest. (And no doubt there’s something in there as a message–you know me, I believe there’s a message in just about everything that happens around me.)

    Very cool moment…even if it hadn’t come with a photograph, very cool moment (but good JOB finding that camera…..LOL). And thank you for sharing the tale. Kinda makes me wanna slow my butt down and try to enjoy some of the things going on around me despite the noise that life is handing me at this moment. It’s just NOISE…..and in the big scheme of things, how much airtime do I really wanna give it, yaknow?
    (apparently some! Cuz I keep going back to it. *sigh*)
    (Kick me at some point, will ya?! LOL)

    • ĽAdelaide

      Won’t kick you but NOISE is just that…NOISE. turn down the volume maybe?

      Don’t you just adore a good red door? And this red is spectacular, if I do say so myself. I plan to post about my new wallpaper one of these days. My computer time is very limited due to my balking hips but I’m still here, just not for long stints. My posts take me HOURS to write due to a less than speedy connection so I do it when I can… Aggravations … That’s all!


      • ĽAdelaide

        Oh… I look for messages in everything too and think he was mine for the time he chose to grace my moments with his sweet presence. He’s now with our small herd of “boys”! Cute as ever are they!

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