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deer spine found
Deer Spine

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”  Matisse

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” Joseph Campbell

acrylic on canvas-24
Foggy Gap Ghost Horses

After the horse dance was over, it seemed that I was above the ground and did not touch it when I walked.
~Black Elk

gate to field beyond

“Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us.
Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind.”
― Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Blackbirds Rainbow-watercolor
Blackbirds Rainbow

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain.
~Emily Dickinson

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.
~Pablo Picasso

deer gouache + watercolor
Deer in Tree

Looking back you realize that a very special person passed briefly through your life… and it was you. It is not too late to find that person again.
~Robert Brault

truck in the brambles
Truck in the brambles

Color has take possession of me; no longer do I have to chase after it, I know that it has hold of me forever ~ Color and I are one ~ I am a painter.
~Paul Klee

Barn Welcomes
Barn Welcomes

Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing,
there is a field. I will meet you there.

Screech Owl

Around us, life bursts with miracles~

A glass of water, a ray of sunshine, a leaf, a caterpillar, a flower, laughter, raindrops.

If you live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere. Each human being is a multiplicity of miracles.

Eyes that see thousands of colors, shapes, and forms; ears that hear a bee flying or a thunderclap; a brain that ponders a speck of dust as easily as the entire cosmos; a heart that beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of all beings.

When we are tired and feel discouraged by life’s daily struggles, we may not notice these miracles, but they are always there.

Thich Nhat Hahn

desert women-watercolor

 I honor health as the first muse.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

rose Austin rose - Tamara

For millions of years flowers have been producing thorns. For millions of years sheep have been eating them all the same. And it’s not serious, trying to understand why flowers go to such trouble to produce thorns that are good for nothing? It’s not important, the war between the sheep and the flowers? It’s no more serious and more important than the numbers that fat red gentleman is adding up? Suppose I happen to know a unique flower, one that exists nowhere in the world except on my planet, one that a little sheep can wipe out in a single bite one morning, just like that, without even realizing what he’d doing – that isn’t important? If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that’s enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars. He tells himself ‘My flower’s up there somewhere…’ But if the sheep eats the flower, then for him it’s as if, suddenly, all the stars went out. And that isn’t important?” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupréy, The Little Prince

deer in pasture at sunset
Deer in pasture at sunset

Every child has known God,
Not the God of names, 
Not the God of don’ts, 
Not the God who ever does Anything weird, 
But the God who knows only 4 words. And keeps repeating them, saying: “Come Dance with Me , come dance.” ~ Hafiz

Do you know a cure for me?

Why yes,  he said, I know a cure for everything. Salt water.

Salt water? I asked him.

Yes, he said, in one way or the other.

“Sweat, or tears, or the sea.”

~ I.Dinesen

whale tail in monterey bay

bird nest-countrywomanpaints.com
birds eye view

Adopt the pace of nature… her secret is patience. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

spring flowers-countrywomanpaints.com©
greening pastures & wildflowers of spring

We love ~ That’s why life is full of so many wonderful gifts. ~Rumi

Animal House watercolor painting
Animal Farm

Gratitude is the heart’s memory. French Proverb

white crane walks
white crane walks

Spring is when life’s alive in everything. ~ 
Christina Rossetti

Dragon watercolor 14″square Arches 140£ hot-press paper

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath

Is not life a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves? 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Pema Chödrön~ The next time you lose heart and you can’t bear to experience what you’re feeling, you might recall this instruction: change the way you see it and lean in. Instead of blaming our discomfort on outer circumstances or on our own weakness, we can choose to stay present and awake to our experience, not rejecting it, not grasping it, not buying the stories that we relentlessly tell ourselves. This is priceless advice that addresses the true cause of suffering~ yours, mine, and that of all living beings.

watercolor abstract nude

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