• Casein Painting of the Meadow Deer

    This painting is a little diversion into casein. Casein is a water-based paint and contains casein, the protein in milk. You can read more about it here. As you might expect it has a lovely creaminess…

  • Eglantyne English rose

    Watercolor Wednesday

    From splashes trailing color came dancers behind. Phantom dancers leaping, spinning and gliding away into sparkling space~

  • Boscobel~Austin rose

    Watercolor Wednesday is Thursday, My Time

    Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved. Apologies. This little watercolor didn’t get posted quite in time for Wednesday but Thursday will do. I’ve been feeling  pain that clings to me. There is something soulless about…

  • watercolor

    Watercolor Wednesday

    This became hummingbirds but that's another post for another watercolor wednesday! At least that's my plan... Famous last words.

  • Fat Pink Sheep on a Beach

    This painting did not start out as pink sheep on a beach! It was splashes of water and paint on white paper. I'd had a vague dream of a beach and the color had remained…

  • Watercolor inking

    Watercolor Wednesday

    Playing in color fields. As I wander, a grove comes into view. One of vines in every hue, misty blue and lavender, an old garden run amok. Beautiful in my imagination.