• watercolor

    Watercolor Wednesday

    This became hummingbirds but that's another post for another watercolor wednesday! At least that's my plan... Famous last words.

  • Fat Pink Sheep on a Beach

    This painting did not start out as pink sheep on a beach! It was splashes of water and paint on white paper. I'd had a vague dream of a beach and the color had remained…

  • Watercolor inking

    Watercolor Wednesday

    Playing in color fields. As I wander, a grove comes into view. One of vines in every hue, misty blue and lavender, an old garden run amok. Beautiful in my imagination.

  • White House in Mendocino-countrywomanpaints.com

    Watercolor Wednesday

    A little foray into watercolor inks ~ Intensely rich color that I think you can probably see. These are called Dr. Ph. Martin radiant concentrated watercolor. I think they're fun tho not necessarily used without…

  • barn roof lost

    Meet the Cow Inseminator ~

    A very long time ago, in a land far far away, Linda, a beautiful blond city girl who cares too much about fashion and really doesn't know what she's getting into, marries a lucky cattle…