• seraphine_louis-©countrywomanpaints

    Seraphine de Senlis, Visionary Artist

    Seraphine Louis (1864-1942) or "Seraphine de Senlis" was an artist during a time when women, especially impoverished women, never became "serious" artists. She was compelled to create soaring, lush paintings, some over two meters high.…

  • Eglantyne English rose

    Watercolor Wednesday

    From splashes trailing color came dancers behind. Phantom dancers leaping, spinning and gliding away into sparkling space~

  • muddy cows

    Antique Jars, New Treasures

    Jars such as these are so special. There is something appealing about utilitarian objects like these glass containers that were used almost a century ago! The color, the shape, the handwork that went into the…

  • watercolor

    Watercolor Wednesday

    This became hummingbirds but that's another post for another watercolor wednesday! At least that's my plan... Famous last words.

  • Fat Pink Sheep on a Beach

    This painting did not start out as pink sheep on a beach! It was splashes of water and paint on white paper. I'd had a vague dream of a beach and the color had remained…