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Antique Jars, New Treasures

treasured old jars
treasured old jars

I love to wander around the ranch, even after many years of living here.
I always seem to be lucky enough to discover something if I look long enough!

Jars such as these are so special. There is something appealing about utilitarian objects like these glass containers that were used almost a century ago! The color, the shape, the handwork that went into the blown glass is never seen in these types of things today.

These will likely hold flowers rather than food. They’ve lost their lids, the wire bales are rusted away and falling off. Still they hold a beauty that is sweetly appealing.

grandpas barn
grandpa’s barn

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  • Gretchen Del Rio

    I love antique jars and these are wonderful colors. Finding them on your land is so great. You went exploring and treasure showed up! Really old, old barn great to explore as long as it doesn’t fall on you.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Haha, yes, that barn is looking really rickety in this photo, isn’t it! It’s been standing there a very long time and gets a patching from time to time. These are wonderful colors; they were in a bucket that had filled with rain water that had rusted the bales, turning that clear glass an orangey color…. i haven’t scrubbed them off yet because I thought they were so picturesque just like this. It’s all still out there on the window sill outside. 🙂

  • Clanmother

    I have six canning jars that belonged to my grandmother. They are a light bluish colour that remind me of my visits to their farm. Your photograph is a superb reminder of our affinity to our rich farming heritage! 🙂

    • ĽAdelaide

      How lovely to have 6!! Thanks for appreciating them, dear. Yes, canning goes so far back in my family, I thought everyone did it. Now i think only my DIL cans anything…



      • Clanmother

        I remember harvest season – the canning went on for what seemed ages… a different time. 🙂 But I notice now everyone wants to go back to home gardens. Vancouver has community gardens springing up all over the city. Quite exciting.

  • susancrow

    I thought the yellow one might still be holding some old honey.. They are lovely.

    • ĽAdelaide

      Isn’t that a wonderful color and it’s due to rust. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try and wash it out but guess that’s not going to work. They’ll make lovely flower vases no matter I’ll lose that honey shade!


  • Leya

    So beautiful! The jars without lids…well captured, colourful and hard to take my eyes from…We are all beautiful even if we are not perfect.

    • ĽAdelaide

      A beautiful truth. Thank you for reminding me! I’m glad you enjoyed the lucky capture since I don’t ever know what I’m doing and take a whole bunch of one photo if I like the thing I’m trying to get. Sometimes, rarely but sometimes, it pays off. 🙂

  • Mel

    Wow…..that’s a really cool photo. And what amazing colours. I see that Ball Jar hiding in the background! LOL It’s an oldie–I know you’ll love it well. Man….I can’t imagine wandering around my yard and coming up with anything other than more ground squirrel holes and weeds…..MORE weeds….LOL What awesome treasures you unearthed! Leave them as is. I’d be afraid washing it would take away the beauty the rust gave it.

  • ĽAdelaide

    Hah! I find plenty of those too, Mel! Aren’t they lovely? I’ve left them there cause I don’t want to wash the staining off but to use them, I have to wash them, I guess! 😉

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