Sophie the Beagle

Big & Little Farm Dogs We ♡

country woman paints©
A couple of grandsons

Sophie, the real boss of the place!

Bella now has a partner in all her minor crimes!

And she is finally learning to bark since Sophie is a “talker” of mighty proportions. I’ve had talkers before with my doggies but Sophie definitely takes the cake in the “doggy-voice inflections” department.

Brings a smile just thinking about her ability to share her feelings with her whines, hoots and squeals. One day I’ll capture a recording to share here.


sophie beagle
teeny baby sophie on task
sophie the©
Sleeping Sophie
Bella talks with her eyes~Great Pyrenees Dog
Bella talks with her eyes~
Bella the Great Pyrenees-country woman paints©
Bella & me ~ Walkies!!!

 We love our sweet gentle giant of a Great Pyrenees puppy tho not really a pup anymore.

great pyrenees-Bella



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