Who is L’Adelaide

i am a deranged, color-ravenous artist with a HUGE white dog named Bella, the star of the blog.

mixed media-ascension of 3
Ascension of 3 ~ 16×29 watercolor, ink, gold leaf

watercolor-desert womenDesert Women{in progress}
22×30 watercolor

watercolor abstract nude
abstract nude

  a seeker, photographer, gardener, dabbler, writer and lover of fragrant roses.
my mind a magic space long before i tread my rocky road.
always a healing place if willing to turn over stones

and i am. and i do. and i always will.

“You”, watercolor 15×20″ ARCHES Cold pressed £140

i know no other way to be in my world nor would i change many things…
perhaps one day i shall dabble in simple gray clay.

i have learned one thing … no thing ever stays the same.

deer in pasture at sunset
Deer in pasture at sunset


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